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Welcome to UCS Innovation

Utterly Cool Stuff for your cool stuff!
We design and make LED lights and display equipment for Lego ® models, model rail-roads, cosplay outfits, wooden toys whatever!
I love helping people bring their creations to life, so if you have a crazy idea and off-the-shelf solutions does not do it for you, contact me. I'll probably get more excited about your project than you are!

Proudly made in Australia

Best Buds

A bit of history: I've worked in electronics for more than 25 years. When preparing for our first big Lego ® show (Brickalaide 2015) I decided to add a bit of zing to our display by adding LEDs and placing it on a rotating platform to give visitors a 360 degree view. Two solid days of "ooh's" and "aahs" and smiling faces and we were hooked for life.

For 2016 we went bigger, with more lights and different effects. Again the response was great, but heaps of people asked if I could make lights for their displays. The answer was no, because my manufacturing process was not geared towards mass manufacture. I was soldering wires directly to SMD LEDs under the microscope and the whole process took ages. But at the end of the show, I realised that people need to bring their creations to life, and I have the skills and the facilities at my disposal to make this happen. Thus UCS Innovation was born.

Some examples of us having fun.

Our products are designed and made exclusively by UCS Innovation. We have no affiliation with or endorsement from the LEGO® Group. Some UCS Innovation products contain LEGO® elements. The LEGO® Group is not liable for any loss, injury or damage arising from the use or misuse of UCS Innovation products which contain these elements. Our products are recommended for ages 12 and up. UCS Innovation's name and associated logo are trademarks of UCS Innovation. All rights reserved.